This is the page that I update every 6 months to talk about my work. It was last updated in October 2020.


Currently, I have a few plays in pre-production stages. COVID messed up anything moving to production, but there are a few contenders (3000 Dollars and Franz Kafka’s “The Cubicle”) that are close. I’m planning for one of those in 2021.

Speculative Dramas

A series of plays that have a speculative “What/if” thing going on. They include:

  • 3000 Dollars — or how one of the grittiest screenplays ever written became one of America’s best loved romantic comedies
  • Auggie and Immortality — a play about the science of aging

Found Kafka

A series of “found” plays that were “interpreted.” Twenty-first century world through the lens of early twentieth century absurdism. But, as plays.

Current work in this series:
  • Franz Kafka’s “The Cubicle” – Play, under revision. — This play is near complete and under consideration for production.
  • Franz Kafka’s “The Meeting” – Play, under revision.
  • Franz Kafka’s “Airport Lounge” – Play, in progress. — Likely never to see the light of day.
  • Franz Kafka’s “The Deal” – Play, in concept.


The Kapital Series

The Kapital series takes place in a near future of market fundamentalism, where where everyone’s opportunities are dictated by a Rating representing future networth.

The first book is about programming prodigy Gretchen Hopper who exploits a vulnerability in the rating generating algorithm.

Current work in this series:

An Exploit of Echoes – Novel, under revision.

“The Accounting” – Short story, under revision.

Nanodome Series

The Nanodome series takes place in a near future where nanobot constructed domes have isolated all the remaining cities from each other and where information brokers sell the secrets of their domes.

Current work in this series:
  • Whispers in Chicagoland – Novella, under revision.
  • Running in Chicagoland – Novella, in progress

Other Publications

“Every Poet Since Milton” – Short story. Published in The Minetta Review.

“A Demonstrated Condition of Loss” – Poem. Published in The Minetta Review.