Author Production

Tracking author production in terms of new content.

I keep pretty accurate word counts of every writing session I have — going back to 2017. I don’t really have a good way of tracking the other important things though — like revising or having readings of plays. So, this is a bad metric, but it’s the metric I have.

So, yeah, it’s silly. Get a McKinsey consultant to come in an optimize my workflow. It would totally be worth it. (They would note that I have never hit the target of 80,000 words.)


This chart should update throughout 2020. I will install a 2021 chart sometime in 2021.

2019 Archive

I wrote a lot of individual works in 2019, but not a lot of words. There was also a lot of revising of those words written in 2018.

2018 Archive

This represents 2018 production of new words for novels, novellas, short stories, dramas, and outlines. Does not include edits and revisions.

2018 objective was 80,000 words, but actual production was just less than that. But, still, a good year.